Entertainment mall for fun, dining, and shopping

Located in front of the Tencho-mon Gate,

Exciting food theme park!!

"YOKOHAMA DAISEKAI," is a 8-story entertainment mall in the midst of the Yokohama Chinatown.
Trick Art Museum, Chinatown’s largest food court, Souvenir shop, Massage service and more to enjoy all in one!

Wide open stairwell going through floors

4F Room for experiences

4F to 8F Trick Art Museum

More than 100 trick art works will amaze you. Photography O.K. You can take an incredible photo! "Jaws," trick art work that appears to pop out. Let's take photos with illusions!

6F Optical illusion laboratory

7-8F Trick Art ”Jaws”

7-8F Trick Art ”Chameleon”

5F “Encore” By Shigeo Fukuda

5F Stereo Scope


This floor is currently being remodeled.
"Tong Poo" move to the second floor in the next spring and am reopened.

Fortune-telling, Cosplay photo studio, and massage services will refresh your mind and body.

Fortune-telling, Cosplay photo studio, and massage services will refresh your mind and body.

[Relaxation] Dr. Kiss Fish
A quick foot bath with fish. Fish "kiss" at your foot and smooth away.

[Photo]  Enjoy Cosplay!
Egao Henshin Shasinkan

Rental costume and photo service. A pro photographer will shoot you in rental Chinese costumes. Let's take a commemorative shot with friends and family!
You can also enjoy the famous Japanese Cosplay(Costume Play) with your own costumes(optional service).

Egao no Kamisama

[Fortune-telling]  Heal your heart
Egao no Kamisama
Ceres no Yakata

Authentic Chinese Tea Cafe on a rooftop garden offers Asian sweets, variety of Chinese teas and original drinks. Many tea-leaves are available for gift and souvenirs.

Ceres no Yakata

Ashiura Kenkokan

[Relaxation]  Relieve your stress
Ashiura Kenkokan (Foot Massage)
Face reflexology Yokohama Facial Rifure (Facial massage)

Relieve your everyday stress with the highest quality massage.

Face reflexology Yokohama Facial Rifure

Souvenir Shop

1F The largest Souvenir Shop in the Chinatown
Dask Market

Come to buy Yokohama Chinatown souvenirs!
The Largest souvenir shop in the Chinatown!!
Chinese teas, alcoholic beverages, foodstuffs, sundries, and Yokohama souvenirs….
The gift shop offers the widest variety of souvenirs!!

The best selling item in Dask Market is “Panda Manju(Japanese sweets)”!!

A stall at the entrance

1F Yummy food to go!
Fuki Paozurou

You can enjoy eating whole walking!
Dim sum stall ;“Fuki Paozurou” is at the entrance.
Find and have fun!

Yummy gyoza dumplings and tontoro pork hot dogs!

[Facility Information]


97 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa (in front of the Tencho-mon Gate, Yokohama Chinatown)
TEL. +81(45)681-5588 FAX. +81(45)681-5620
Open all year around
Car park: Three parking facilities (Please contact us)
Access: 2 minutes walk from Exit 3 of Motomachi Chukagai Station, Tokyo Tokyu-Minatomirai Line

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